Hitchcock Goddess – Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman may have been Alfred Hitchcock’s most favorite female star. Over the years they maintained a personal friendship that unfortunately for Hitch never went beyond his school boy crush. They made three pictures together, “Spellbound”, “Notorious” and “Under Capricorn.”

Alfred Hitchcock on Ingrid Bergman 

ing ri - goddes spoell2717

Ingird photo13

ingrid under with hithc4218

Ingird Still4784

Ingird photo10




ingird notorious

Ingrid spell974

ingrid splee postter4756

Ingird nortor2331

Nortor poster202514.1020.A

Nortor poster202514.1020.A

Hitch bermgan stewatr2275694647_de50e33460



2 Responses to “Hitchcock Goddess – Ingrid Bergman”

  1. No director become Alfred Hichcock.
    No actress become Ingrid Bergman.

    I love Notorious. It’s a unique movie.

  2. Notorious is one of my favorites too. Thanks!!

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