North by Northwest

Hitchcock’s decade ending classic opened on April 7th 1959 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.




New York Times original review .

Variety original review.









The published Screenplay 


Interview with Ernest Lehman

 TCM’s page on North by Northwest.






3 Responses to “North by Northwest”

  1. Spookily I went to see “North by Northwest” at the Pictureville Cinema in Bradford (UK) yesterday, where it was showing as part of a tribute season to James Mason (who was born in nearby Huddersfield, which is where I live).

    It was a battered old print that was shown, but I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed the screening! Of particular interest to me was the fact it was a different print to the one which is now shown on TV and used on all the DVD releases — if nothing else, the matte shot of Cary Grant exiting the UN is different to the DVD/TV version.

  2. Interesting Dave, I have not heard about an alternate version of this film. I wonder if anyone else out there has seen or is aware of this.

  3. Great to see your blog is finally working with my new Blackberry (pearl) browser! Before it’s messed up.

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